Young adult novel

The seal bearer
Shadows of power

A dangerous mission. An adventure that changes everything.

Germany, 1631: The Thirty Years' War devastates the country and claims countless victims. In the midst of the chaos, 17-year-old Richard, a budding cartographer from the village of Breitenfeld, receives a mysterious letter from a dying messenger. His task: to bring the message safely to Stralsund - whatever the cost.

Richard experiences the horrors of war at first hand as he travels through the shattered country. When he rescues Anna, who is the same age as him, from the witch hunters' pyre, he finds a courageous companion in her. Together they defy all dangers, pursued by the merciless henchmen led by the relentless Moreau.

But while Richard and Anna fight for survival, they discover their affection for each other in the midst of suffering and destruction. Will their love be strong enough to overcome the darkness? And what secret does the letter they are risking everything for harbour?
A story about courage, friendship and the power of hope - grippingly told against the fascinating backdrop of the Thirty Years' War.

Genre: Historical novel for young people, adventure novel

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