Romance novel

the lagoon

n the shadows of Venice, a forbidden love comes to life...

Venice, end of the 16th century: the once glorious city has become a place of secrets and desires. Here, amidst intrigue and ancient magic, the paths of Marco Valenti, a gifted glassblower with an extraordinary heritage, and Livia Contarini, a young noblewoman who longs for freedom and passion, cross.

When they uncover a dark prophecy, Marco and Livia become entangled in a dangerous web of betrayal and supernatural powers. A vengeful phantom awakens in the flooded tunnels beneath the city and threatens to plunge Venice into ruin. In the midst of the intoxicating carnival, the lovers not only have to fight for their happiness, but also for the fate of the city.

But the passion between the beautiful noblewoman and the mysterious glassblower is stronger than any curse. Every furtive touch, every longing look is an act of defiance against the forces that try to keep them apart. Only together can they defeat the evil that threatens Venice - and fulfil a destiny as eternal as the glass that captures the light.

"The Whisper of the Lagoon" is an intoxicating novel about dangerous desires and the immortal power of love, set in a Venice full of sensuality and dark magic. Immerse yourself in a world where passion and fate write the rules and follow two lovers on their breathtaking journey through light and shadow.

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