The Assessment Weekend

In the merciless world of management consultancy, only one thing counts: survival. "Headhunter: The Assessment Weekend" takes its readers into the heart of a merciless selection process that goes far beyond any known level of professionalism and ethics. A weekend that decides the future of ambitious business students becomes the ultimate test of their will, morals and ambition.

Takahashi Corp, a beacon of the global consulting industry, opens its doors for the infamous Assessment Weekend - a test that blurs the lines between genius and madness. Under the strict supervision of a corporate psychologist, participants are tested not only on their technical skills, but also on their ability to improvise and function as a team under extreme conditions. But what begins as a chance to prove themselves in the elite world of consulting quickly turns into a fierce fight for survival in which alliances are as fleeting as the promises of the company itself.

A captivating web of intrigue, power games and unexpected twists and turns. It presents its characters with a choice: how far are they prepared to go to realise their dreams? The novel is a masterful exploration of the dark side of ambition, a psychological drama that keeps readers on the edge of their seats until the very last page.

"Headhunter: The Assessment Weekend" is not only an insight into the brutal world of management consultancy, but also a profound examination of human nature itself. An unforgettable novel that shows that in the fight for success, the biggest challenge is often the fight against ourselves.

In memory of Keith Blaserthe outstanding actor and protagonist of the gripping thriller "Headhunter: The Assessment Weekend" by Sebastian Pannek, we take readers on an extended novel version that delves deeper into the film's captivating universe. This special edition is not only a tribute to Keith's unforgettable performance, but also an extension of the complex world Sebastian Pannek brought to life on screen.

This novel deepens the characters that Keith and his colleagues have masterfully brought to life, offering insights into their thoughts and motivations that are only hinted at in the film.

As we move through the pages, feeling the tension and exploring the shadows behind the characters' gazes, we honour Keith Blaser's legacy, whose talent and passion inspired this project. This book is an essential collector's item for fans of the film and a moving memorial to a star who left us far too soon. Immerse yourself in an adventure that will stay with you and join us in remembering an extraordinary artist whose work will never be forgotten.

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