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The Gin High Tea
Gin cocktails

Discover the pure joy of gin cocktails with "The Gin High Tea - Gin Cocktails"! Gin enthusiast Maxim Matthew takes you on a personal journey through the fascinating world of gin and shows you how to combine the elegance of a traditional high tea with the diversity of gin cocktails.

Whether you're a gin novice or an experienced cocktail lover - with over 50 recipes, from classics to Maxim's own creations, you're guaranteed to find your new favourite drink. Enriched with entertaining stories, historical facts and valuable tips, Maxim turns mixing into an experience where fun and personal preferences take centre stage.

But that's not all! With matching recipes for delicious gin cakes and pastries, Maxim transforms the "Gin High Tea" into a holistic pleasure experience. Let yourself be inspired, pick up a shaker and celebrate life - with a gin cocktail and a bite of cake in one go!

"The Gin High Tea - Gin Cocktails" is more than just a cocktail book - it's an invitation to discover your passion for gin, live out your creativity and create unforgettable moments with friends and family. Embark on a flavourful journey and let yourself be infected by Maxim's enthusiasm. Cheers!

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