Fantasy novel

The Last War
The beloved city

Los Angeles, the city of angels, is on fire. A war, sparked by the heavenly beings who once watched over it, threatens to engulf everything. What an irony of fate...

Before chaos descends on LA, Alice Fletcher, a young psychiatrist, finds herself caught in a web of supernatural events and personal revelations. When a mysterious new patient, Carol Fleischman, arrives at the clinic, Alice is drawn into a vortex of riddles and repressed memories that forces her to confront her own fateful legacy.

With the help of a diverse ensemble of characters - from loyal colleague Blake to the enigmatic angel Michael - Alice embarks on a perilous journey to uncover the truth behind the Witnesses, beings who have shaped Carol's life, and confront the growing army of Midists, led by the charismatic and manipulative Nathan.

With time running out and the fate of the world hanging by a thread, Alice must use her newfound powers to restore the balance between light and darkness. But the path is paved with dangers and secrets that threaten to devour everything she loves.

"The Beloved City" is a gripping urban fantasy novel that skilfully interweaves elements of mystery and apocalypse. With vivid characters, a rich mythology and gripping prose, the story draws the reader into a world where the fate of humanity hinges on the actions of an unlikely hero. A must-read for fans of the genre and for anyone who enjoys exploring the boundaries of reality.

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