Young adult novel

Guardian of the stones

Welcome to Rathena sleepy village in the centre of Saxon Switzerland. But behind the idyllic façade lurks an ancient evil that threatens to awaken...

When siblings Lucas and Mia move into their grandmother's old house with their mum, they have no idea that they will soon be caught up in a maelstrom of dark secrets and dangerous adventures. Strange events begin to pile up, creatures from legends come to life and the adults in the village fall under the influence of an evil force. 

Together with their new friends, Lucas and Mia form "Guardians of the Stones" - a group of children determined to stand up to evil. Their investigations lead them deep into the caves and forests of the Elbe Sandstone Mountains, where they come across an ancient prophecy. Only if they learn to use their fantasy and imagination as a weapon will they stand a chance against the monsters who want to enter their world through a portal.

But time is running out and danger and betrayal are also lurking within their own ranks. Will Lucas, Mia and their friends manage to save the village and banish the creatures of darkness back to their shadow world? 

A gripping adventure between fantasy and reality, light and shadow, friendship and betrayal awaits the reader. "Guardian of the stones: The Song of Silence" is a gripping mystery thriller for young adults that celebrates the power of the imagination and shows that sometimes the greatest adventure starts right on our doorstep.

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